History of the company ESMA

1987 The ESMA Research and Production Laboratory (an abbreviation for Electronic Muscle Activity Stimulator), Kronstadt, became the successor to the Physics Research Laboratory of the Physiology Center of the Scuba Diving Center of the Navy. Since the beginning of the 80s, under the guidance of the Department of Scuba Diving at the Military Medical Academy and the Medical Department of the Leningrad Naval Base, the laboratory has been developing equipment to combat hypodynamia (a phenomenon that occurs when there is insufficient mobility leading to atrophy of the neuromuscular system). Thanks to the ESMA devices, the personnel of domestic submarines could be in autonomous navigation without a long-term harm to health.

1992 Establishment of ESMA (ESMA). With the emergence of market relations in Russia, the company ESMA (ESMA) in a difficult competition was able to rightfully take a worthy place in the segment of domestic manufacturers of physiotherapy equipment.

1998 ESMA becomes a member of the association of enterprises and organizations of the medical industry of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

2000 creation of the center of hardware cosmetology ESMA (ESMA). The task of the Center is: training personnel to work on ESMA equipment, working out new technologies and new ESMA equipment, methodological support, introduction and popularization of devices and related products.

2003 Opening of the plant for the production of equipment ESMA (ESMA), located in the suburbs of St. Petersburg, the city of naval glory of Russia - Kronstadt. Until the mid-90s, Kronstadt was a closed military city on the island of Kotlin. Communication with the city was carried out only by water or by plane (military airfield). The city has a naval base, military units, research institutes, closed enterprises and scientific laboratories.

Currently, ESMA (ESMA), in collaboration with the departments of Physiotherapy, Medical Cosmetology, Dermatovenereology, Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (MAPO), St. Petersburg and the Department of Physiotherapy of the Military Medical Academy, is working to expand the range and improve the quality characteristics of the products . At the same time, we directly and through the structure of domestic and foreign enterprises using our equipment and developing their own authoring techniques on it, we maintain a strong relationship with our customers and strive to implement the latest innovative technologies in our equipment.