ESMA Company is a leading Russian brand. Manufacturer of innovation cosmetological, medical and physiotherapeutic equipment. More than 20-year experience of manufacturing and development has allowed us helping to thousands people in treatment of diseases, body sculpting, rejuvenation and restoration after injuries and surgeries. ESMA is an official supplier of equipment for the national Olympic team of Russia. The company provides professional and free of charge consultations and training.

Wide range of products

ESMA Company offers a wide range of apparatuses for any fields of activity. Compact household electrical muscle stimulators, EMS- stimulators, professional physiotherapeutic complexes, cosmetological equipment, etc.

Dealership on the most favorable conditions

Unlimited possibilities of ESMA apparatuses


ESMA Imio minimum minimum

Most simple interface of the apparatus will allow you to start the procedures directly after a short training course. No knowledge of physiotherapy and medicine is required. IMio is the smallest apparatus in the range of ESMA electrical muscle stimulators, but it comprises the most demanded procedures for body sculpting and facial rejuvenation. The apparatus also allows performing therapeutic and restorative procedures such as rehabilitation after sprains and injuries, treatment of degenerative disc disease, herniated discs and other diseases. Available in two options - for 4 and 8 electrodes, as well as in the unique IMio Smart version (control with a mobile phone).

ESMA Assol

ESMA Assol top sales

ESMA Assol – it’s compact size and unique low price, but at the same time a lot of functions and professional level. It comprises the most required procedures not only for the household purpose, but for a small beauty salon as well. They are most simple in control. A couple of clicks and a complex procedure for 25 minutes is started. Potential of connecting up to 8 electrodes on the patient allows performing complex procedures on the face and body. The apparatus includes the most important modes of electrical muscle stimulation - pole and drift.

ESMA Microcurrent

ESMA Microcurrent nothing extra

ESMA microcurrent apparatus is a separate unit for micro-current therapy, which proved to be successful in salons and cosmetological centers, as a procedure for better and effective facial rejuvenation and treatment of skin defects and diseases. The secret of the apparatus lies in interference current. ESMA Microcurrent allows you entering various cosmetological aids. The moving - P4 probe is a part of the delivery kit. The apparatus can perform procedures of the face and the body as well.


Electric muscle stimulation (EMS-stimulation)

The use of pulsed currents to treat and restore natural functioning of muscles, nerves and internal organs. It is effective for body and facial sculpting, strengthening of the muscles, increasing muscle mass, analgesia, restoration of potassium-sodium balance and many other procedures.

Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a procedure aimed to remove extra fluid from the patient’s body. Lymphatic drainage is a short intensive exposure on muscle and adipose tissues resulting in successive startup of muscles and their active reduction ensuring lymph movement to lymph nodes. A lymphatic drainage procedure results in activation of the lymphatic system, removes toxins and dissolves fat breakdown products.

ESMA Ultrasound

ESMA Ultrasound intensive body sculpting

ESMA Ultrasound is a single unit of high-frequency ultrasound therapy. Due to the different power modes one can perform sonic phoresis procedure on the face and the body. High-frequency cavitation, sometimes referred to as ultrasonic liposuction, effectively struggles with obesity, cellulite and is an indispensable tool for a serious body sculpting. Multi-purpose transducer for the face and the body is included in the delivery kit.

ESMA Universal

ESMA Universal Really multipurpose

Body sculpting, facial rejuvenation treatments, treatment of various diseases, sports medicine - ESMA Universal can do a lot of things. The apparatus has everything you need - 4 main procedures on body sculpting and 2 extension modes. 16 electrodes applied on the patient’s face or body enables achieving results as quickly as possible. Relaxation procedure provides indispensable assistance to patients with injuries limiting their movement. This is the best way to maintain muscles toned and accelerate complete restoration.

ESMA Combi

ESMA Combi 2 in one

ESMA Combi - 2 independent units in one. With this minicombine one can perform up to 2 procedures with application of 20 electrodes on one patient at a time. Ultrasonic and electric pulse therapy units are interchangeable for facial and body procedures. The model has gained a reasonable popularity among cosmetologists and has a great potential for expansion of its functions on account of different components.



Electric lipolysis is a adiposocyte cleavage process with the use of electric current and splitting of neutral fats into triglycerides, fatty acids, acetone and water, which are then removed from the body in urine. Electric lipolysis in conjunction with other physical therapies is effective for treating obesity, body sculpting, cellulite removal and is a good alternative to surgery.


Direct galvanic current is used for electrophoresis and galvanization. This current initiates directed motion of ions. DC can be used to administer particles of the medicine carrying electric charge via skin and mucous membranes. Administered medicine ions penetrate into epidermis and accumulate in the upper dermis layers.

ESMA Galant

ESMA Galant top sales

3 independent units: microcurrent, electric pulse and ultrasound therapies - 3 procedures at the same time. Functionality of ESMA GALANT is close to the apparatuses of business and premium classes, but attractively low price has been kept on account of manual control on the basis of a microprocessor. Up to 32 electrodes applied on the patient’s face and body help to achieve the desired result as soon as possible. Electroporation or needleless mesotherapy procedure allows introducing large molecular cosmetological preparations, such as hyaluronic acid, etc.

ESMA Revital

ESMA Revital a prize for a cosmetologist

ESMA Revital comprises almost all the procedures that are popular in machine cosmetology. The apparatus is equipped with 4 independent units and can perform up to 4 unique treatments at the same time. This gives the opportunity to operate one apparatus with 4 clients at the same time. Biorevitalisation procedure is a new trend in machine cosmetology. Advance modification includes P2 and P4 samples, as well as biorevitalisation transmitter and ultrasonic blade.



Laser biorevitalization is an innovative method of hyaluronic acid administration by using the latest laser to slow down the aging process effectively. Until recently, all revitalization methods were based on injections of hyaluronic acid preparations into surface skin layers with syringes. However, injection methods have several drawbacks. A hardware method - biorevitalization – has become an alternative method of hyaluronic acid administration into the skin.


The essence of cavitation technique for cellulite treatment and getting rid of excess body fat refers to exposure of low-frequency ultrasound on the fat tissue. As it is known, an ultrasound is an acoustic wave, and the body’s cells contain a large amount of liquid. Thus, it turned out that the process of cavitation effect occurs in the fat cells.

ESMA Fitness 8 Portable

ESMA Fitness 8 Portable EMS training

EMS stimulator. The Future of Fitness. EMS training - the quick and lasting results.

ESMA EMS Fitness 8

ESMA EMS Fitness 8 EMS training

EMS stimulator. The Future of Fitness. EMS training - the quick and lasting results.

ESMA EMS Fitness 9

ESMA EMS Fitness 9 EMS training

EMS stimulator. The Future of Fitness. EMS training - the quick and lasting results.

ESMA EMS Fitness 10

ESMA EMS Fitness 10 EMS training

EMS stimulator. The Future of Fitness. EMS training - the quick and lasting results.

Business class

Business class computer apparatuses range

The range of computer ESMA apparatuses works in combination with your personal computer or laptop. Unique ESMA software opens unlimited possibilities. Changes in pulse shape and current power, development of individual programs for the patients, performance of complex procedures, application of more than 300 electrodes, keeping the patient’s record cards to enable their analysis, etc. Computer technology in physical therapy apparatuses is an exclusive ESMA technology that has won multiple awards in the field of cosmetology, medicine and sports.

ESMA Excellent

ESMA Excellent premium class

Apparatuses of premium class open up all the possibilities of unique technologies of ESMA Company. Thus, up to 5 procedures can be performed on these apparatuses at the same time, choosing from 500 different templates. Photofixation of the patients “before and after” will show the results visually and help to create an individual program for every client. Advanced complete units comprise all the ESMA components and all samples for procedures expansion, as well as a PC, monitor, printer, and everything required for immediate operation of the apparatus. SL option comprises laser-biorevitalisation and low-frequency ultrasonic cavitation units.
Premium class is not only maximum functionality. For ESMA Excellent complex we have developed a unique designer’s rack, which allows separating it from the other equipment and become a part of your interior.


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