ESMA 14.21 Cosmostation
ESMA 14.21 Cosmostation

ESMA 14.21 Cosmostation


ESMA 14.21 Cosmostation combines 3 independent units in one:
1) microcurrent;
2) electric pulse and
3) ultrasound therapies - 3 procedures at the same time. Functionality of ESMA 14.21 Cosmostation is close to the apparatuses of premium class for professional use. Nevertheless, due to the manual control on the basis of a microprocessor the price is attractively low. Up to 32 electrodes can be applied on the patient’s face and body in order to achieve the desired result as soon as possible. Electroporation or needleless mesotherapy procedure allows introducing large molecular cosmetological preparations, such as hyaluronic acid, etc.