ESMA Procedures

Electric muscle stimulation (EMS-stimulation)

EMS can be described as the use of pulsed currents to treat and restore natural functioning of muscles, nerves and internal organs. It is effective for body and facial sculpting, strengthening of the muscles, increasing muscle mass, analgesia, restoration of potassium-sodium balance and many other procedures.

Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a procedure aimed to remove extra fluid from the patient’s body. Lymphatic drainage works as a short intensive exposure on muscle and adipose tissues resulting in successive startup of muscles and their active reduction ensuring lymph movement to lymph nodes. A lymphatic drainage procedure results in activation of the lymphatic system, removes toxins and dissolves fat breakdown products.


Electric lipolysis is a adiposocyte cleavage process with the use of electric current and splitting of neutral fats into triglycerides, fatty acids, acetone and water, which are then removed from the body in urine. Electric lipolysis in conjunction with other physical therapies is effective for treating obesity, body sculpting, cellulite removal and is a good alternative to surgery.


Electrophoresis can be described as a direct galvanic current which is used for electrophoresis and galvanization. This current initiates directed motion of ions. It can be used to distribute particles of the medicine carrying electric charge via skin and mucous membranes. Distributed medicine ions penetrate into epidermis and accumulate in the upper dermis layers.


Laser biorevitalization is an innovative method of hyaluronic acid regulation by using the latest laser to slow down the aging process effectively. Until recently, all revitalization methods were based on injections of hyaluronic acid preparations into surface skin layers with syringes. However, injection methods have several drawbacks. A hardware method - biorevitalization – has become an alternative method of hyaluronic acid distribution into the skin.


The essence of cavitation technique for cellulite treatment and eliminating excess body fat refers to exposure of low-frequency ultrasound on the fat tissue. So, as it is known, that an ultrasound is an acoustic wave, and the body’s cells contain a large amount of liquid. That is why the cavitation process occurs in the fat cells.