What does ESMA do?
Extends your youth.

What is hardware cosmetology ESMA?
Apparatus cosmetology ESMA - this procedure for the face and body, for: rejuvenation, body shaping, treatment, performed on the apparatus ESMA. Apparatus cosmetology is actively developing, annually there are new technologies and devices ESMA, even safer and more effective.

Objectives and results of the use of devices ESMA?
The positive effects of electrical currents have long been known. Their active use in: defibrillation, cardiac pacing, electrical stimulation, galvanization, is difficult to assess. In the future, we will open up new possibilities for the application of currents, in transplantology, limb prosthetics, and many other critical areas. Professional electrical stimulators ESMA, using electrical impulses, affect any muscle groups. Which leads to improved body shaping, facial rejuvenation and is effective for the treatment of many diseases.

Why are ESMA machines some of the best?
ESMA stood at the origins of the creation of pacemakers. At a time when such terms as: myostimulation, hardware cosmetology, not to mention cavitation, biorevitalization, electroporation, did not yet exist. Scientific research has been carried out since 1987 on the basis of the LenVMB laboratory Kronstadt, St. Petersburg.

ESMA is not domestic, but professional devices for performing cosmetology services in a salon, medical center, sanatorium or professional home use. Most devices on the market can not be used in salons. Devices do not pass on the parameters, there is no permits (registration certificates), are not designed to work throughout the day.

ESMA at home. According to Yandex statistics in recent years, ESMA is the most popular device among advanced private users, private cosmetic cosmetologists, in salons and medical centers of any level. Our advantages: we have the best and safe signal, proven over the years. High quality. Convenient interface. Long service life of devices and consumables. Reliability and maintainability. Such mandatory attributes of the manufacturer as: availability of goods and quality of service, developed dealer network, technical and informational customer support, free training, warranty and post-warranty service, registration certificates for all devices. Received European CE certificates. It's easy to work with us.
According to independent surveys, 9 out of 10 of our clients who work on ESMA devices see no reason to replace them with any other brand.

Who uses ESMA?
Our clients: medical centers and beauty salons, private cosmetologists and physiotherapists, sports doctors. Rehabilitation centers, hospitals, clinics.
Many frequent customers who have previously bought cheap myostimulants, pacifiers. Having checked the effectiveness of ESMA devices in the salon, customers want to use them at home. Training and an accessible interface make it easy to master the work, and the cost of the initial models is equal to the course in the cabin. We also have extensive experience in the supply of special devices ESMA in the sport of higher achievements.

At what age do ESMA machines apply?
The most popular age group is 25-38 years old. The aging of the body is programmed genetically. Most people have 25 years old, the edge from which the body stops growing and starts to fade. In order to slow down the aging process, one should begin to act not in the elderly, but already at a young age.
With medical indications, ESMA devices are used in a wide age range.

Are ESMA devices used in veterinary medicine?
Yes, lately we have received many positive reviews of the use of ESMA devices in the rehabilitation of animals.

Where to buy ESMA devices?
ESMA devices can be purchased in the official online store esma.ru. At dealers: in the regions of the Russian Federation, the CIS countries and the EC. In the Internet partner stores and offices of the company ESMA: central in St. Petersburg and Moscow.